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    1. What are the pocket dimensions?

    The pocket dimensions are approximately 2 ¼ inches long (5.72cm) x .92 inch wide (23.4mm) x .20 inch thick (5mm). That translates to roughly 2 keys or 2 folded bills or a combination of the two. The pocket can stretch to accommodate a shape outside of these dimensions. For example, Pocketbands securely hold the Fitbit One which is 9mm thick.


    2. Will my car key fit inside the pocket?

    There are some car keys that will fit into the pocket, but many of the newer cars with large keys or key fobs (computer chip remotes) are too large to fit in the pocket. However, many of the major car companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes etc. have created “valet keys” or "smart keys" that can be removed from the key fob that will fit inside the pocket. Just search eBay or online (ex: "toyota smart key" or "honda valet key") to see if your model of car is available. Then just make sure the dimensions of your key are similar to the pocket dimensions listed above.