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    Customer Emails


    "The bands came in on Thursday! They are awesome! What a great idea they were!" Chris H., Pennsylvania 


    "I've received mine - thanks. Looks like good quality and the GITD glow nicely." Verena S., Germany 


    "Received! works great!" Karl, New York


    "I have got my package and I loved it!! Thank you so much! :)" Dorothy T., Australia 


    "Just wanted to let you know that I received the red band today. Thanks for the super fast turnaround! It fits great and I'm very excited to start using it!" HM, Maryland 


     "I love your product and used it already for my morning run." Janelle, Huntington Beach CA


    "Mine arrived on my doorstep in the UK today! Over the moon with it - the XL size just about fits snugly over my gigantic hands! It's very comfy, even with a key and some cash in the pocket, and i'm quite impressed." Andrew, United Kingdom 


    "Received my order yesterday , three bands and keys, look and fit great. Thanks!!" Chris S., New York 


    "Got my shipment in today, love the colors and the feel: not too soft, not too squishy. I'm sure I'll find many uses for the hidden pocket besides keys and cash. Great stuff!" A.J., Netherlands 


    "received mine today, they are great!" Francis L., France 


    "This should make an awesome stalking stuffer for Christmas." Cliff, Arizona 


    "Thank you so much, me and my family are loving the bands :) I also had a lot of enquiries in work where to get the bands from." Antje, UK  


    "The Pocket Bands are great! Good job man and congratulations." Tim, Pittsburgh 


    "Thank you very much though they are really sweet and I will definitely show off to my friends!" Sam G., New Mexico 


    "Thx! i got it today! im really happy! With Best Regards" Sui Kei, Sweden 


    "Recieved! Fantastic! Thanks!" Andrew, Georgia 


    "Hey, just wanted to let you know I received my PocketBand today in Germany without any problems with customs (happens sometimes with products). Thanks!" Yannik, Germany 


    "I just want to say, my girlfriend and I are thrilled with the design and fit. I am going to a festival in Europe this weekend and it will make theft a lot harder for thieves" George M., North Carolina 


    "Can't wait to get mine. It's killing me!! Lol" Steven S., Great Britain 


    "I bought 3 XL. using the measurement it seemed like they actually might be too small when I choose them, but they fit quit well. The normal key sizes in my country (Denmark) is a fair bit larger than the sample keys. But it still fits, without it digging in to the rubber." Darken, Denmark 


    "Got my grey L pocketband shipped to spain. Fits, Thank you! :D" Pablo, Spain 


    "Many thanks as I've received all the bands and key blanks. I tried my ones on and they fit very well. Great work and keep it up!" George, UK



    Twitter Messages 


    @tomRbarry says “Can't even think how many times I needed somewhere to put my key when I went on a run! “ 


    @omfg_followme says “You mean, I can go for a run now and not have to tuck my key in to my sock? Neat! :)” 


    @janelle_saenz says “Awesome! Now I don’t have to worry about my key during my workout!” 


    @clairejustineo says “Would have saved us 2 hours looking for our key my husband lost on a run once...” 


    @Your_OnlyChance says “I need one of those so bad.” 


    @SeanDavidFinn says “Definitely dig you pocketbands! Great timing too!” 


    @_ShelbyJordan says “Really need to get myself PocketBands maybe then I wont lose my key all the time..” 


    @heidigerhardt says “Holy coolness batman!! I want one!” 


    @tomlinsacks “That looks freakin awesome not gonna lie.” 


    @ParentingGeek says “Looks better than tucking my key in a tissue in my sock or waistband!” 


    @760mayhem says “Hey, you prob created the best thing ever! I need me one! A black one, asap!” 


    @SSDC1166 says “These things look awesome, parents check them out for your kids #latchkey” 


    @TDFPOSSE says “I would love one of ur bands I stay losing my keys please help.” 



                                                                                                                                           ... and hundreds more!